16 April 2008

Not a Style Rookie

Thanks to Stephanie, I just found the ultimate fashionista. I am not exactly sure how old this girl is, but she has so much style it's ridiculous. I honestly think she's one of the most fashionable people I have ever seen. She has a fabulous little blog and I really think you all need to check her out! She does not have a ton of posts yet, but it looks promising!

How wonderful it must be to be so stylish at such a young age! She has become my fashion idol!

Photo Credits: FashionRobot


Riley said...

I just found this girl too! She is so cute...if I dressed that well when I was 12 I would have been amazed! Want to link up??

Jillian said...

sure i would love to :) i will add you i think i already have u but lol i will double check!

Kira Fashion said...

i am already checking her blog!
thanks for the tips!

a kiss and a hug,
see you,


aficionada said...

you just got TAGGED! check out my blog for details! XOXO Erika...

Tavi said...

thanks so much!!!!! i love love love your blog and i'll be sure to link it as soon as i'm done writing this!!
im honored to be your "idol". ha, i still have so much to work on though!
p.s. i'm 12 years old in a few days, by the way :)

JuliAM said...

i checked that page out...unbelievable. she's very articulate; if i remember correctly, i didn't know my ass from my elbow when i was 12. anyway...you've been tagged! check out my page for the details.

Jillian said...

lol thx for the tags ladies hehe